The Boat House
She called me to come over and spend the night on the house boat. A simple request, one that I was used to. It was going to be us two, along with two other gal pals. I couldn't wait to go over. "Don't forget your swimsuit! we'll be swimming for a good while tonight!" So naturally I thought this was going to be a normal fun night. How was I supposed to know what was going to happen?

So Bri and the rest of us swam for hours. Finally at 10 her older brother said party's over, and we had to go. As everybody else piled out on the dock, I decided to wait for Bri. Right when she went to climb out is when the fun began...

"Ow! ah, dammit! Kat, I hurt my foot. urrrgh..... my foot and leg cramped up really bad and it hurts to try and walk on it, let alone climb stairs to get out. Will you wait with me 'til the cramp eases up?"  

I had no objections to the matter! Bri was my friend and she was in need; I told the others to go ahead to the apartment without us, and we'd be there soon. As soon as they were gone, I took her into the houseboat and relaxed in the captains cabin. 

When I opened my eyes, there was Bri, just staring at me. I'm not quite sure what came over me, and to this day I'm still not, but I wanted her at that moment, and nobody else. So, I reached out to her, and pulled her in for what she thought was a hug. I pulled her close and kissed her, slowly opening my mouth and lightly touching the tip of my tongue to hers. She shivered and moaned lightly, wrapping her hands around my neck and kissing me fully in return.

As I felt her hand shake on my stomach, I realized how nervous she was, and decided to help her along. I took her hand in mine and slid it slowly upward until it rested right below my right breast. "Kat..." she moaned, and slipped her hand down the front of my swimsuit. I squeaked in anticipation of what was to come, and I bit her neck softly, then as she moaned more the harder I bit, feeling her quiver in excitement. Then, I laid my hand on her thigh, and as we were entwined, I slid my hand down the bottom of her swimsuit...


       We moved easily, caressing each others bodies and rocking against each other. Her pelvic bone was thrusting against me as my fingers still probed inside of her. Then, I completely untangled myself, and went over to the couch.

She was right behind me in seconds, afraid I was leaving. Bri though I was regretting what I did, when really I was planning my next move. When she grabbed my shoulder, I grabbed her arms and pinned her so that her body was tightly against me. She got wide eyed at first, then saw the mischievous look on my face, which made her squirm. That's when I decided to take her well. I told her to lie down, and without hesitation or question, she did what master said.

I slid her legs over my shoulders, and as she watched I gazed longingly at

 Bri's bottom piece of her swimsuit. I was jealous of what I had to hold, and I wanted what it had. SO I slid the suit's bottoms off and stared at the masterpiece before me. Her clitoris was slightly showing, and her thick pubic hair was enticing. Her pussy was so marvelous. The first thing I did was kiss it, which made Bri shiver and take a quick intake of breathe. I then licked her clit, and slid two fingers inside of her again while I licked and sucked her clit. With her breathing increasing in speed, she let go of the wall with one hand and grabbed my hair, making me head fuck her clit. I pulled out my fingers and licked away at the cum juices, holding the fingers up to her then so she could have a taste, After one lick she was addicted, sucking my fingers while I decided I was hungry for more myself. I bent down again and while she was sucking my fingers and let my tongue enter her pussy deep, and while I fucked her with my tongue she lightly bit my fingers to keep from screaming.

Then I took three fingers and slid them in gently into her pussy again. Then I felt her relax more in sexual pleasure her juicy cum dripping in to the floor. When I pulled my hands out and away, she was panting for breathe. She looked at me in longful lust, and pounced on top of me, kissing me again, sucking on my tongue wildly. the she slid down and fingered me, then slid underneath my legs and started licking my ass clean. I took her free hand and put it on y tit, bring her fingers to my mouth to suck them. 

Then, right as she went to eat me out, her brother's voice boomed out "IS HER FOOT FEELING ANY BETTER? YU GUY GOTTA GET OUT!" So we hopped out and grabbed our towels, running down the gangplank back to her apartment, smiling about our own little secret.

See you next month!