Dial- A- Dancer is the finest entertainment company in the country. We have the absolute best male & female dancers in the business. We hold ourselves and our dancers to the highest standards. We, as well as our dancers, are committed to putting on the very best male and female shows. All of our shows are designed to fit the individual needs of our customers.

We hire only the most gorgeous female dancers and the hottest, most professional male strippers available. They not only "LOOK GREAT" but will also offer interesting conversation, serve drinks, and can offer LAP DANCES before or after the main event.

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  Alessia Amanda Lena  Holly Karima Carol Angalena Kandi  Mackenzie Alana Zophya Sarah Caelyn Alice Caelyn Ilyssa Erin Samantha Marta Christine Sheri Andrea Olivia Ambur Charlotte Iiya  Julia April Helen Paige Chrissy Particia Susan Earlene  Ashley Keara  Lara Harriet Savannah Indira Barbara Hailey Nadia Eva Easter Jewel Bania Faith    Dakota Ariel Misty Emma Dahlia Zenia Diamond Doris Rosa Daphney Alexis Ieshia Summer Nicky Gigi Maddie Deana Ava Babette Barbie Daisy Asia Elen Hannah Farah Bonnie Fabiana Angel Abigail  Kira Elaine Carolyn Dede Monique Ebony Camille Francine Candy